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A new kind of sustainable investment. Our trade-in service allows customers to trade in their old investment products when purchasing an original Donatella whisky or a complete Donatella whisky collection. This means that trading in your old cars, properties, art and luxury goods can be the ideal investment solution.

Our trade-in service is only available for orders with a minimum value of 10.000 EUR. At least 15% must always be paid in cash. For Donatella products over 100.000 EUR, the cash payment rate can be negotiated. Whether your order is 25.000 EUR or a million EUR, we will work with you to find your perfect investment.


This service allows our customers to turn their old investments into something new and exciting, while also diving into the world of whisky. It's a great way to diversify your portfolio while sharing your passion for whisky.


We have an experienced team that will assist you in every step of the trade-in process and help you get the best price for your old investments. Our team thoroughly inspects each submitted product to ensure it meets our quality standards and that our customers receive a fair and appropriate trade-in.


If you're interested in trading in your old investments for an original Donatella whisky or a complete Donatella whisky collection, don't hesitate to contact us. Our team is available at all times to assist with any questions or concerns. We look forward to supporting you in your next investment.



Find your Donatella Whisky in our Online-Shop

Step 1

Find your Donatella Whisky in our official Store

Step 2

Send us your trade-in investment offer

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Send ut your trade-in investment offer

Step 3

After our confiramation send us your tade-in

After our confirmation send us your trade-in

Important! We receive many enquiries - We get back to you within 4-7 days. You will receive an acceptance or rejection email from us. All products we accept are checked by experts for authenticity. We need to protect ourselves from stolen goods and fraud, so we also work with various authorities and governments. Please note! We currently only accept Tade in offers from the EU and UAE. You are responsible for the delivery of your trade in products. You also have to pay the costs for shipping, transport or possible import taxes and customs duties.

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