Matthias Steinmetz (Pop Art Artist and Luxury Designer)

Matthias Steinmetz born 1982 in germany, is a Luxury & Pop Art Artist originally from Germany. He ist the owner of the Luxury-Brand Donatella Whisky and the Donatella Art Gallery. Steinmetz quickly became a leading figure of the luxury movement. His work was mainly inspired by the world of luxury and although it often met with negative criticism, it defined the basic premise of Pop Art through parody. The Artist and company owner Matthias Steinmetz are internationally renowned for his amazing luxury and design. Colorful and provocative images, his works are a commentary on modern society. With his artistic ego and perfectionism, he is almost the Tony Stark of the art scene.

Whether Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, France, Austria, Switzerland, Taiwan, USA, South Africa, Japan, Monaco, New Zealand, Cuba or the United Arab Emirates. Matthias Steinmetz  and Donatella Art Gallery customers can already be found all over the world. 

Matthias Steinmetz (Pop Art Artist on Instagram)