Donatella Vodka - 22 Karat Gold Edition

Donatella Vodka® 22 Karat – The One Edition is one of the highest-quality vodkas in the world. The first 250 bottles of this edition are limited to 250 pieces worldwide with certificate and wooden box (The One Edition). Since the beginning of the year 2020, the first 250 "The One Edition" bottles are already sold out. Since then, there has been no limitation. Each additional bottle is without wooden box and certificate. Refined with the finest 999/1000 gold leaf. Traditionally produced by hand and manufactured in one of the highest-quality gold manufacturers in Germany, which has been producing gold leaf since 1867.


Premium rating thanks to 5-time distillation and ultra-premium rating thanks to 100-fold filtration. The special recirculation filtration process, which is one of a kind worldwide, produces a pure, refreshing and mild flavour. This amazing Vodka has an alcohol content of 37.5% by volume. Enjoy the purest vodka made from the finest wheat, made in Germany.


The production of Donatella Vodka is one of a kind in the world by Designer Matthias Steinmetz. After the multiple distillation process and multiple filtation, Donatella Vodka is stored for about 30 days. During this time, any substances that may cause an aftertaste can then be filtered out. Only after at least 30 days of storage does the exquisite drop then pass into Donatella's own recirculation filtration facility. There, the luxury vodka is filtered 100 times, guaranteeing the highest possible purity. Only after several days of filtering is the fine and high-quality vodka finally bottled and combined with the precious gold leaf. The core element of the brand is "luxury, design and taste".






Experience the ultimate combination of luxury and exclusivity with our 22 karat leaf gold vodka.
Each sip is a pure indulgence for all senses - refreshing and smooth, with an unparalleled shine and glamour.

Donatella Vodka - 22 Karat Gold Edition

Donatella Vodka - 22 Karat Gold Edition (Luxury Vodka)

Our vodka is an absolute must-have for the elite because it is made from the finest ingredients and impresses through its exquisite craftsmanship and unparalleled taste.


This vodka embodies luxury and exclusivity and offers an unforgettable drinking experience for any occasion. It is the perfect choice for those seeking the best and looking to surround themselves with the best.

Donatella Vodka - 22 Karat Gold Edition

Donatella Vodka - 22 Karat Gold Edition (0.5l)

Flavor: Pure Vodka (mild and refreshing)
Type: The golden Vodka by Donatella
Alcoholic strength by volume: 37,5 % vol.
Filtration: 100-times filtered
content: 0,5 litre
Region: Germany
Without Box and certificate
Evaluation distillation: ✔ Premium
Evaluation Filtration: ✔ Ultra Premium
Bottler & Distribution: Donatella Vodka®
The first 250 (The One Edition) bottles are already sold out


999,90 €

1.999,80 € / L
  • 1,5 kg
  • available
  • 1 - 3 working days delivery time


Raise your gala or event to the next level of luxury with our exclusive Donatella Vodka
The perfect drink for an unforgettable evening

Donatella 22 Karat Gold Vodka - For the best Moment

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