Donatella Whisky - Family Tradition since 1885 New York

As early as 1885, Edward Palm, from New York, was importing and refining high-quality spirits from all over the world. To begin with, he established family contacts with numerous spirits manufacturers from Scotland, Ireland and Germany, thereby laying the first cornerstone for a family tradition.

In 1906, his descendants Richard and Elizabeth Palm, the latter's wife, moved to Pirmasens in Germany.

Shortly after the end of the war in 1945, his son of the same name, Richard Palm jr., got his first legal licence to sell and store spirits in Germany and decided to live with his family in a suburb of Pirmasens, in Rhineland-Palatinate. At the same time, the American armed forces also settled in Pirmasens, which meant that the international network to the spirits manufacturers and bottlers could be maintained.

70 years later, in early 2015, the latter's nephew, Matthias Steinmetz, took over the family tradition and christened it commercially for the first time with the name Donatella Whisky. Donatella had to expand for the first time towards the end of 2016 and established itself in the luxury and spirits industry with one of the highest-quality whiskies in the world.

In July 2018, Donatella took part in the Meininger International Spirits Awards for the first time with a whisky from the Donatella range and was awarded GOLD in a blind tasting by a jury consisting of 60 experts.


In 2019, Donatella was distinguished by the Financial Times for the first time and was one of the fastest growing companies in Europe, with growth of 4186%. Donatella took twelfth place among all companies and industries in Europe.


In October 2019, Donatella Whisky was officially recognised by the German news magazine Focus Business as the 2020 growth champion and, with an annual growth rate of 248%, ranked 7th among all industries. In the manufacturing and processing industry (excluding automotive and mechanical engineering), Donatella Whisky took first place in Germany as the 2020 growth champion.


In February 2020, Donatella appeared as the official sponsor of the WE ARE THE WORLD GALA 2020 as part of the international film festival in Berlin (Berlinale).


On 2nd March 2020, Donatella Whisky was again honoured by the Financial Times as one of the fastest growing companies in Europe. Once again, Donatella was one of the fastest growing companies in Europe, with growth of 4494%. Donatella took 22nd place among all European companies and industries.


In October 2020, Donatella was again officially recognised by the news magazine Focus Business as the 2021 Growth Champion, ranking third among all industries with an annual growth rate of 262%. In the manufacturing and processing industry (excluding automotive and mechanical engineering), Donatella Whisky took first place in Germany as the 2021 growth champion.


In December 2023, Donatella opens the art gallery for Modern Art and Pop Art. The Donatella Art Gallery, as it is named, is set to become one of the most exclusive art galleries in the world. With a keen eye for contemporary art and dedication to promoting emerging artists, Donatella promises to create a unique and inspiring environment for art lovers. The gallery will showcase a variety of works that push the boundaries of conventional art and explore new creative horizons. Donatella has already curated an impressive collection of renowned artists and looks forward to welcoming visitors from around the world to the gallery. This new opening is poised to be an exciting chapter in the world of art.


Donatella Whisky Awards


The production
Donatella products are partially distilled from the world's highest-quality manufacturing sources and bottled. Some editions are also produced exclusively for Donatella or stored in Scotland for several decades. Unlike many traditional spirits available on the market, each bottle of Donatella passes through the hands of the owner personally. The manufacture of the various Donatella products is unique in the world. Donatella uses its own storage methods and its own filtration system. Donatella whisky is the absolute definition of perfection and taste. Perfect production, analysis, storage, bottling, purification and refinement are lots of small factors that give Donatella Whisky its unique taste.

The philosophy
Donatella Whisky has its own philosophy, from which its signature is derived. The core element of the brand is "luxury, design and taste". Each edition is specially developed in terms of design and taste and handcrafted by Donatella. The design must also match every bottle and every taste! That is why the owner and designer personally oversees the production of each and every bottle. With its high-quality products, Donatella does not want to offer whisky from the department store shelf, but rather, a new definition of design, perfection, taste and enjoyment.

The name Donatella stands not only for a high standard of quality, but also for unique exclusivity. For many generations, the distribution has mainly been carried out by Donatella itself and only by selected spirits dealers. All products are traditionally made, refined, labelled and bottled by hand, and this isn't going to change in the future. Donatella only uses the highest-quality materials that accord with its own quality standards. The owner oversees the entire production of all Donatella products. Absolute perfection, first-class design and a unique taste make every Donatella product an experience.

Whether Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, France, Austria, Switzerland, Taiwan, USA, South Africa, Japan, Monaco, New Zealand, Cuba or the United Arab Emirates. Donatella customers can already be found all over the world. Azumi Hasegawa from Tokyo is one of the world's largest sales experts for alcoholic beverages; she has already placed Donatella products in hotels such as the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, the Marriott Hotel Chongqing, and the 5-diamond luxury hotel Bellagio in Las Vegas.