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Donatella Whisky has its own philosophy, from which its signature is derived. The core element of the brand is "luxury, design and taste". Each edition is specially developed in terms of design and taste and handcrafted by Donatella. The design must also match every bottle and every taste! That is why the owner and designer personally oversees the production of each and every bottle. With its high-quality products, Donatella does not want to offer whisky from the department store shelf, but rather, a new definition of design, perfection, taste and enjoyment.

Donatella Whisky Quality - Award Gold Winner Whisky


The name Donatella stands not only for a high standard of quality, but also for unique exclusivity. For many generations, the distribution has mainly been carried out by Donatella Whisky itself and only by selected spirits dealers. All products are traditionally made, refined, labelled and bottled by hand, and this isn't going to change in the future. Donatella only uses the highest-quality materials that accord with its own quality standards. The owner oversees the entire production of all Donatella products. Absolute perfection, first-class design and a unique taste make every Donatella product an experience.


Donatella products are partially distilled from the world's highest-quality manufacturing sources and bottled. Some editions are also produced exclusively for Donatella or stored in Scotland for several decades. Unlike many traditional spirits available on the market, each bottle of Donatella passes through the hands of the owner personally. The manufacture of the various Donatella products is unique in the world. Donatella Whisky uses its own storage methods and its own filtration system. Donatella Whisky is the absolute definition of perfection and taste. Perfect production, analysis, storage, bottling, purification and refinement are lots of small factors that give Donatella Whisky its unique taste.

Donatella Whisky High Production Quality
Donatella Whisky - Luxury Art and Design


The design of Donatella Whisky is unusual, elegant and typical of our brand. We use our own bottle design with the famous Donatella gold cap. Over the years, we have optimised and perfected our iconic bottle design. Our distinctive bottle shape has become a brand icon and a global trendsetter in the whisky and luxury industries. Since its inception, Donatella Whisky has been known as a bold and creative brand that sets its own distinctive trends.


Whether Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, France, Austria, Switzerland, Taiwan, USA, South Africa, Japan, Monaco, New Zealand, Cuba or the United Arab Emirates. Donatella customers can already be found all over the world. Azumi Hasegawa from Tokyo is one of the world's largest sales experts for alcoholic beverages; she has already placed Donatella products in hotels such as the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, the Marriott Hotel Chongqing and the 5-diamond luxury hotel Bellagio in Las Vegas.

Donatella Whisky - International Award Winning Luxury Company
Donatella Whisky - True Hand-craftsmanship


Almost every production and bottling process in our manufactory is true handicraft. From filtration and filling to the manufacture of our bottles and the handcrafted wooden packaging. Even every label is lovingly applied by hand, provided with a hologram, and personally numbered and signed by the owner of the company. All seals, and also the premium wooden packaging, are handmade and finished with classic emblems. Our products undergo careful quality controls after production has finished. After these quality controls, we are only allowed to handle our products with kid gloves.

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