What distinguishes Donatella whiskey products from the standard

Are you looking for one of the finest and highest quality whiskys? Donatella Whisky offers you this unique luxury pleasure!


All products from our Donatella whisky range are strictly limited. We do not engage in mass production or create retail editions. Some of our rare small editions are limited to just 25 units, while our large editions do not exceed the strict limit of 700 bottles. Our products are numbered and all come with a hand-signed and numbered certificate of authenticity. For this reason, our products are, of course, also desirable for lovers, connoisseurs and collectors.



We are not just an independent bottler! Donatella Whisky already gets involved during the production process at its partner distilleries. In some cases, we use our own grain varieties and combine these with various water sources, production facilities and storage facilities in Scotland. This allows us to perfect our products and give each edition its own unique touch. We have also had our own filtration and bottling technology for several years in order to improve the taste of our products.



Almost every production and bottling process in our manufactory is true handicraft. From filtration and filling to the manufacture of our bottles and the handcrafted wooden packaging. Even every label is lovingly applied by hand, provided with a hologram, and personally numbered and signed by the owner of the company. All seals, and also the premium wooden packaging, are handmade and finished with classic emblems. Our products undergo careful quality controls after production has finished. After these quality controls, we are only allowed to handle our products with kid gloves.



For Donatella Whisky, quality comes first. Each bottle is carefully checked and is only allowed to leave our manufactory if it meets our quality standards. Every bottle that leaves our manufactory undergoes our testing for perfect purity, quality of the content, workmanship and optical quality features. After our products have been packed with kid gloves, they are sent on their way, packaged well and securely, to their customers around the world.



All of our products come from Scotland, of course. Depending on the edition, from the Highlands, Speyside or other regions. Some of our products have written their own history and survived a world war or the lives of our ancestors. We have unique stocks from the 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s. All Donatella Whisky products come only from the highest-quality distilleries in Scotland. Every stock of Donatella Whisky has been carefully analysed according to our quality standards.



The design of Donatella Whisky is unusual, elegant and typical of our brand. We use our own bottle design with the famous Donatella gold cap. Over the years, we have optimised and perfected our iconic bottle design. Our distinctive bottle shape has become a brand icon and a global trendsetter in the whisky and luxury industries. Since its inception, Donatella Whisky has been known as a bold and creative brand that sets its own distinctive trends.