Donatella Sparkling Wine - Donatella Sekt Halbtrocken - Gold Edition



Donatella Sparkling Wine - Donatella Sekt Halbtrocken (GOLD)

The Donatella Gold Edition is our amazing semi dry sparkling wine. Cuvée of white grape varieties. The Gold semi-dry comes from the Palatinate and is a Donatella masterpiece from the spirits designer Matthias Steinmetz. The harmonious composition of the grape varieties Silvaner, Kerner and Müller-Thurgau provides a fruity-fresh taste experience of a special kind. The Gold Sekt semi-dry is particularly reminiscent of apple and nut and is therefore the perfect companion to Asian dishes of all kinds. But also with white meat, poultry and fish, this semi-dry German sparkling wine is the right choice! The perfect recommended drinking temperature is 7° to 10°C.

Donatella Gold is the House’s iconic sparkling wine. Created in 2022, it embodies Donatella’s unique style, a style distinguished by its sweetness, its seductive palate and its elegant maturity. The core element of Donatella is "luxury, design and taste".

This bottle of sparkling wine is strictly limited to only 2500 bottles worldwide.

Donatella Sparkling Wine - Gold Edition (Sekt Halbtrocken) - 0,75l - 12% Vol.

Color: Gold, Alcohol: 12,0%, Content: 0,75-l-bottle - Residual sweetness: 42.7 g/l, Country of origin: Germany, Region: Palatinate, Type of closure: natural cork, Note: contains sulfites. EAN: 4170000084785

399,90 €

533,20 € / L
  • 100 kg
  • only a limited number available.
  • 7 - 14 working days delivery time



"Celebrate in style with our premium sparkling wine"

Aroma: aromatic mild on the nose
Taste: semi-dry, with beautiful residual sweetness

Donatella Sparkling Wine - Donatella Sekt Halbtrocken (GOLD EDITION)







"Experience the epitome of luxury in every sip of our Donatella sparkling wine"

"Experience perfection in every sip of our refined sparkling wine, perfect for any gala, special occasion, or day of indulgent living."


"Experience the extraordinary quality of our unique Donatella Gold Edition sparkling wine, elevating any occasion"

The perfect recommended drinking temperature is 7° to 10°C. Enjoy it..



Donatella Sparkling Wine - Donatella Sekt Halbtrocken (ULTIMATE GOLD EDITION)

The Donatella Sparkling Wine (Sekt Halbtrocken) Donatella Mimosa

The Donatella Mimosa is not a classic Mimosa, it's something special..


A Donatella Mimosa is a classic cocktail made with orange juice and sparkling wine. To make one, you will need:

  • 70ml of fresh orange juice
  • 70ml of Donatella sparkling wine
  • Ice cubes
  • An orange slice for garnish

First, make sure all ingredients are well chilled before you start. Fill a champagne flute with ice cubes. Then, pour in the orange juice and Donatella sparkling wine. Gently stir the ingredients together with a spoon.

Take the orange slice and use it as a garnish by running it along the rim of the glass.

Serve and enjoy your refreshing Donatella Mimosa!
It is perfect for brunch, special occasions, or just a relaxing afternoon.