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Where Scotch Whisky Becomes Art (Interview with Donatella CEO. Matthias Steinmetz )

Welcome to the exclusive world of Donatella Whisky, where luxury, creativity, and taste merge into a unique experience. In an exclusive interview, the Donatella Whisky owner and Master Blender Matthias Steinmetz, affectionately known as the "Designer," provide fascinating insights into the refined world of Donatella Whisky.

Donatella® CEO. Matthias Steinmetz (CEO. Owner, Designer & Master Blender)
Donatella® CEO. Matthias Steinmetz

"Donatella Whisky is undoubtedly among the most expensive whiskies in the world, that's no secret," the Designer confidently states. However, what makes this brand exceptional goes beyond the price tag, delving into the masterfully composed Master Blend Scotch Whiskys that stand as some of the most unique creations in the world of whisky.

A key feature of Donatella Whisky is the limited availability of some of its creations, restricted to just 25 bottles. This extreme limitation gives each drop an aura of exclusivity, turning Donatella Whisky into a sought-after rarity for collectors and connoisseurs alike.

But what's behind this uniqueness? The Designer reveals that the Master Blends can consist of a breathtaking combination of up to 200 different whisky blends. These encompass not only carefully selected vintages and casks but also boast an impressive matured age. Each bottle thus tells a story shaped by decades of dedication and perfection.

To emphasize the exclusivity of Donatella Whisky, the owner draws a fascinating comparison to the automotive industry: "There are people who buy a VW Golf, and there are people who buy a Rolls Royce. Both are great cars that get you from A to B. But I prefer the Rolls Royce." This comparison underscores that Donatella Whisky is not just a drink but a work of art, on par with the most refined products.

Another captivating parallel is drawn with Mansory, the renowned luxury car tuner. Much like car enthusiasts take their Rolls Royce to Mansory to make it even more exclusive, Donatella Whisky sees itself as the refined version among whiskies. "It's like the Rolls Royce refined by Mansory among whiskies," proudly declares the Designer. Donatella Whisky is not just a drink; it is art, passion, and the epitome of indulgence.

Donatella Whisky represents not only luxury but also genuine craftsmanship and the highest quality. Customers from around the world appreciate the attention to detail in every bottle. The company ranks among the fastest-growing in Europe, a testament, according to the Designer, that they are on the right path.

In response to criticism regarding the prices, the Designer responds unequivocally: "The fact is, unique Art, quality that is strictly limited, crafted by hand, and absolutely unique comes with a price!" Donatella Whisky is not just a drink; it is a passion, a form of art that transports the connoisseur into a world of luxury.

The Designer concludes by emphasizing his personal love for the whisky creations: "I love my whisky creations and my brand. For me, it's like creating a new piece of art every time, a masterpiece from the house of Donatella." Donatella Whisky is more than just a luxury drink; it is the result of dedication, expertise, and a vision that elevates the world of whisky to new heights.

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