1950 - 2010 - UNIQUE POP ART EDITION 1. OF 3.

Donatella Whisky - 1950 Pop Art Edition - 60 Years old Master Blend Scotch

Donatella Whisky - 1950 Pop Art Edition - 60 Years old Master Blend Scotch - 0.5 Liter - 47% Vol. (1950-2010)

A genuine 60-year-old Master Blend Scotch whisky from Donatella. This rarity from the family estate is limited to only 3 bottles.

1950 - 60 YO Pop Art Edition Whisky

450.000,00 €

900.000,00 € / L
  • 5 kg
  • only a limited number available.
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A very rare and stunning 60 years-old Donatella Highland Master blend Scotch Whisky from the legendary Rare Donatella Selection by Pop Art Designer and Company Owner Matthias Steinmetz, distilled 1950 and bottled in the year 2010. A historic milestone from Donatella. This unique Pop Art Edition is the current master blender prestige product from Donatella, one of the oldest and finest Scotch whiskies in the world.


This whisky was born in 1950. After careful storage in a sherry barrel for half a century, this 60-year-old and extremely rare single malt is now presented. A very rare, unique and very complex Scotch whisky from the Highlands with an incredibly clear and dark natural gold colour. It is a strictly limited edition of only 3 bottles in the world. This exquisite drop is a special creation by the Master blender Matthias Steinmetz. All combined into a perfect product.


There is not much to say about this unique work of art. It is a classic Pop Art work by Pop Art Designer and Donatella Owner Matthias Steinmetz. The colorful, beautiful and crazy Pop Art world is shown in one picture. Timeless, crazy, colorful and just beautiful.


The taste in its incredibly long finish is as special as the name Donatella itself. With the typical Donatella Natural Cask aroma and a very light and aromatic peat, this exquisite drop will win over every enthusiast. A first-class taste! The finish is truly complex and intensely aromatic, sweet with vanilla and light notes of roasted oak. Over time, flavours of ripe fruit, sherry, and the typical natural cask feel of oak and subtle smoky notes develop. A strong sherry taste with full-bodied sweetness. This well-matured Donatella Scotch whisky has a powerful and perfect dark golden colour in the glass.

Limited to only 3 bottle in the world: only 3 bottle were created by the Master blender. This amazing bottle is delivered with a serial number and signature on the bottle, a signed certificate of authenticity, booklet and an original acrylic glass box, with original and unique acrylic glass Pop Art inside the box (signet by the Pop Art Designer & Company Owner Matthias Steinmetz).




Region: Schottland / Highlands
Type: Blended Malt Scotch
Allergens: None
Coloring: None
Filtration: Non-Chill



Alcohol: 47,0%
Content: 0,5-l-bottle
Barrel: Sherry-Cask
Age: 60 years
Number of bottles: 3 (UNIQUE)




Nose: A very strong and ripe picture of sweet and complex flavors. Strong oak and a subtle note of sherry.

Taste: Very complex with ripe aromas of roasted oak, fruits, much sherry and full-bodied sweetness.

Finish: Very strong and persistent with light sherry notes and a light aromatic peat.



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