Matthias Steinmetz - Owner, Designer, Master Blender of Donatella

Matthias Steinmetz is the owner and designer of the luxury spirits brand Donatella. He is a man who has dedicated himself to luxury and for whom customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance.


Steinmetz has always had a passion for spirits and particularly for Scotch Whisky, Sparkling Wine and Vodka. After completing his degree in business, he decided to pursue his dream and start his own spirits brand Donatella. A family tradition that his ancestors had since 1885, he has turned into a successful luxury brand worldwide. With his passion and tireless efforts, he has managed to build Donatella into one of the most well-known and respected luxury spirits brands.

He is a prominent figure in the art world and a visionary entrepreneur. In addition to his impressive accomplishments as a renowned art dealer and collector, he is also the owner and founder of the Donatella Art Gallery. This highly esteemed art gallery is expected to open its doors in December 2023 and will be among the most exclusive Whisky art galleries in the world. Steinmetz's passion for exceptional artworks and his tireless dedication to discovering and nurturing talent from around the globe will undoubtedly contribute to the Donatella Art Gallery becoming a focal point for art enthusiasts and collectors worldwide. The gallery's opening will undoubtedly be a remarkable event, making a significant contribution to the art scene.


Steinmetz places a special emphasis on ensuring that every drop of his spirits is of the highest quality. He works closely with the best distillers and flavor artists to make sure that each and every drop is perfect. He uses only the best ingredients and the most advanced technology to make sure that every sip is a pure indulgence for all senses.


He is proud to produce his spirits in limited editions to ensure that each customer has a unique and unforgettable drinking experience. He is always looking for new and innovative ideas to make his spirits even better and to offer his customers an unparalleled experience.


He is convinced that his customers are the most important thing and he does everything to make sure they are satisfied. He is constantly looking for feedback and takes every suggestion seriously to make sure his spirits meet the highest standards.


In his spare time, he enjoys trying new spirits and exchanging ideas with other industry experts. He is also a passionate traveler and loves to discover new cultures and new flavors.


Matthias Steinmetz and his brand Donatella stand for quality, exclusivity and luxury. If you are looking for an unforgettable drinking experience, then Donatella is the perfect choice for you.