Donatella Luxury Scotch Whisky - Intense Edition

Donatella Whisky - Intense - Limited Edition - Blended Malt Scotch - 0.5 Liter - 40% Vol.

An 10-year-old intense blended malt Scotch whisky from Donatella. Grab yourself a bottle from the Intense Edition while stocks last! This edition is limited to only 100 bottles.



990,00€ (1980,00€/l)

Donatella Whisky - Intense

990,00 €

1.980,00 € / L
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Nose: rich with some strong, woody aromas, smoky with a hint of sherry.
intense texture, sweet oak wood and later marzipan, and a pleasant cloud of smoke.
very intense and powerfully sustained, with all flavours clearly lingering.



This strictly limited special edition is only available for a single day! Donatella was named the fastest growing luxury and spirits company in Europe in 2021 by Focus Business. To celebrate this success, the Donatella Whisky Intense Edition was released. This excellent Donatella Scotch Whisky Intense matured for 10 years in two different barrels. It started off with an 8-year resting period in oak barrels, and then the Speysider was put into old sherry barrels for two more years. It was finished off in smoked barrels that were being filled for the first time. This maturation time is responsible for the intense complexity of this Donatella. The Intense is a masterpiece with an intense taste. Although the exact recipe is a mystery, the Intense also contains some of the oldest Donatella whiskies. This elaborately produced whisky consists of 8 different malt and grain whiskies. The lead malt is, of course, a well-kept secret. This edition is very elegant and intense – but also as powerful as the name suggests.

Limited to only 100 bottles: this ultra-premium whisky is limited to only 100 bottles and comes with a certificate of authenticity, a booklet and a box. The stock of this exclusive edition is limited accordingly. Limited to a maximum of 2 bottles per household!



Serve perfectly - neat, with a little water or two to three large ice cubes

Storage Tips - Store upright in a cool, dark, dry place Perfect

serving temperature - at room temperature


Product Information


Region: Scotland / Speyside
Type: Blended Malt Scotch
Allergens: None
Coloring: Caramel coloring
Filtration: Chill-filtered



Alcohol: 40,0%
Content: 0,5-l-bottle
Barrel: Oak & Sherry barrel
Age: 10 years
Number of bottles: only 100


Donatella Whisky - Intense - Limited Edition - Luxury Blended Malt Scotch - 0.5 Liter - 40% Vol.

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