Donatella Whisky - Customize Your own Luxury Scotch Whisky

Donatella Whisky - Your Custom Deluxe Edition - Blended Malt - 0.5 Liter - 40% Vol.

Your Custom Deluxe Edition - Customize your own Donatella Whisky. Only available for a short time

Donatella Whisky - Your Custom Edition - Blended Malt - 0.5 Liter - 40% Vol.

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Currently not available!

After you have paid for your order, you will receive a link to the generator within 24 hours, in which you can customise your Donatella whisky bottle.

Chose from four colours - Donatella Whisky
Chose your own label text - Donatella Whisky
Chose your smoky taste - Donatella Whisky
Chose with 22 Karat Gold - Donatella Whisky



Realise a dream for yourself or a good friend. Personalise your own Donatella bottle. Our individual Donatella Whisky Custom Edition is the perfect gift for collectors and connoisseurs. This noble Donatella Whisky Deluxe Edition is only available for a short time. Design your own label, decide for yourself what colour and dedication you want. Your own text, greeting, or name on an original Donatella bottle. You can also decide for yourself what finishing you want! Either just Scotch whisky or Scotch whisky with a 22-carat gold leaf. Are you a connoisseur and like a more smoky taste? No problem! We offer you three types of whisky. Typical Donatella Scotch Whisky without a smoky taste, 5% smoky or 10% smoky taste. No matter how you create your Donatella Whisky Deluxe Edition, the price remains the same and shipping is completely free within the EU.

The Donatella Whisky – Deluxe Edition is an exclusively blended luxury-class malt whisky made for you. After dual ageing in several barrels, this exquisite whisky has developed a fabulous and complex aroma and a powerful, full-bodied taste. This blended malt is distilled in the traditional way and aged in selected oak barrels for several years. A powerfully matured Scotch whisky with an impressive golden body in the glass. A fine and high-quality whisky with delicate notes of honey, slight sweetness, a lingering mouthfeel and an elegant, long finish. Depending on your choice, without a smoky taste or with a 5% smoky note or up to 10% smoky note. Do you wish to have something a bit more exclusive? Then simply refine this masterpiece with our 22-carat gold leaf flakes. Complexity, intensity, and harmony! This whisky combines everything you could want from a whisky – in short: a typical Donatella masterpiece.



Nose: slightly spicy and fresh (roasted walnuts, light herbs), light notes of exotic fruits with honey.

Taste: Very mild with delicate notes of honey, slight sweetness. (without a smoky taste / 5% smoky / 10% smoky)

Finish: Very powerful yet elegant, persistent with light smoky notes and a hint of tobacco.


Product Informations


Region: Scotland / Highlands
Type: Blended Malt
Allergens: None
Coloring: Caramel coloring



Alcohol: 40,0%
Content: 0,5-l-bottle
Barrel: Oak barrel

Filtration: Chill-filtered

The delivery time for custom-made products is approx. 7-14 days. Each bottle is handcrafted for you immediately after you have ordered it. Individual products cannot be exchanged (read our Cancellation Policy/Terms and Conditions). Please note that this offer is only for private individuals and not for business customers or commercial use. We don't make products with logos or trademarks. Please note the applicable trademark rights, and please only send us texts, greetings or names without infringing trademark rights. Furthermore, we are not liable for texts sent to us by customers, nor for typographical errors in names or texts that the customer transmits to us incorrectly. Your request for personalisation will only be carried out by us using capital letters and with our own font. The font and formatting cannot be chosen by the customer.